Does the search engine work in Weblate?

I am not very satisfied with my searches in Weblate. For example, if I am searching for the word ‘Dashboard’ I get no search results and that shouldn’t be the case or do I search the wrong way? I receive the message “No matching strings found”.
Niels Erik

Hi @nef,

I’ve found that you have to navigate to the specific component, and then the locale to get better search results. See our translation guide here; Translate PKP Software

For example, if I go to the common.po and search for dashboard in the English locale, I get 11 results: PKP Web Application Library/common - English (United States) @ Weblate

It involves drilling down a bit, but it allows you to be more precise if you are looking in a specific locale. If you search across multiple locales, you get an unmanageable amount of results to have to go through (for example: Search for dashboard @ Weblate)

PKP Team

Thanks for your reply.
How do I handle the search results you show? How do I get in and make corrections in the places mentioned? As far as I can see I only have the option to click the Add button.
If, for example, I click Add next to the first string “changed:> = 2021-02-14 AND NOT changed_by: nef” it pops up in the search field:

and if I then click ‘Search’ the message appears “No string matched your search!”

Niels Erik