DOCX to JATS XML converter


You’re right. It is solved


Hi @Vitaliy
Sorry for the delay. I’ve sent you a MSWord generated docx file with a lot of footnotes by email. I’ve tested several files. The problem is allways the same. Footnotes are recognized but just placed into an element within the floated text. Not numbered or referenced. Thanks


Yeah, DOCX contains all needed information to be parsed correctly - an actual reference with an internal id and footnote text in a separate file. So, it can be parsed correctly. Do you have an example on how footnotes should look like in JATS XML?


I'll send you an example using footnotes within the float text by email. The number in the text links out of an <xref> element to the footnote itsef which is captured in the <fn-group> element within the <back> element. I think that's the usual case. But Footnotes are also possible within tables, titles and author notes. See element <fn>.


Hmm, other possible placements for footnotes would be hard to support.
OK. What is left right now for DOCX Parser Plugin is figures, footnotes, references, and pulling meta from OJS, and it will be ready to go to alpha.


Very pleased to hear that


I’ve written reference examples for Book, Book Chapter and Conference Paper which can be parsed correctly. See below. Maybe somone can use it. What I don’t get is a functional reference for a Web page. The official AMA rule like
International Society for Infectious Diseases. ProMED-mail Website. Accessed April 29, 2004.
cannot be parsed.

Graham R, Mancher M, Miller Wolman D, Greenfield S, Steinberg E, eds. Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust. Washington, (DC): National Academies Press; 2011.
Book Chapter
Guyton JL, Crockarell JR. Fractures of acetabulum and pelvis. In: Canale ST, ed. Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics. 10th ed. 2003:10-15. Philadelphia, PA: Mosby; 2003. Doi:
Conference Paper
Vidal M, Bulling A, Gellersen H. Pursuits: spontaneous interaction with displays based on smooth pursuit eye movement and moving targets. Paper presented at the: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing; 2013. New York: USA. Doi:


Hi everybody,
I did not understand what it does and where it is installed this plugin, could you please explain it to me?



The DOCX parser plugin that I’m working on is here:
I’m planning to make an alpha release this summer.

DOCX2JATS is a parser that our journal uses temporary, while I’m still developing the plugin. It’s a small JAVA app:


Hi @Vitaliy,
How will it work? Will I be able to import a Word file like galley and convert to XML? As a result, will I then have with the JATS parser plugin, HTML and PDF?


It creates a button under the uploaded DOCX on the production stage for conversion to XML. Then I hope it will be suitable for editing in Texture plugin and can be displayed with JATS Parser plugin. Alpha release will support most of DOCX (OOXML) tags, like paragraphs, lists, tables, figures and citations but wouldn’t be able to parse anything beyond that, I mean, e.g., determine if it is citation when doesn’t tagged like one in MS Word or LibreOffice.


Dear @Vitaliy
How does it differ from Texture?


They are complementary, DOCX parser converts a DOCX document to JATS and Texture allows online editing of this article.

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Hi Vitality,

I can’t run the jar file with java program.


Hi @Gokmen_ARSLAN,

What errors do you see?


I am clicking and it cannot run. There is no error.


You are using docxConverter plugin or DOCX TO JATS java app?


I use the DOCX TO JATS. do you finish the docxConverter plugin (ojs 3.2.1)?


The beta release will be soon but it won’t support figures and references yet.

If you are trying to run jar file but encounter with problems there should be any errors or messages in the command line. Maybe you have update the Java version?


I use latest version.
Where is the command line?