Docker images for OJS and OMP


  • In Hannover we created new instructions to run OJS over docker in an easy way.
  • 24-48h after each relase OJS images are build and published in DockerHub.
  • Those set of images is complete (all versions since ojs 2.3) and were used in production.
  • Starting today, new beta images for OMP will be also build and published in DockerHub

Not as short version… :slight_smile:

Some of us have been using containers for our OJS for a while now and the experience is really good.
During Hannover meeting we had the opportunity to meet and decided to spend our time to simplify the installation process using OJS images. We call it “Easy containers for OxS” and it’s kind of technical but hopefully, easy enough for every body.

The work was published here and I’m happy to say that works like a charm on Linux and Windows… although we still have some bugs to get everything running smoothly on Mac.

If anyone is curious, the installation process in OJS with docker is now 3 steps and takes no more than 10 minutes:

  1. Install docker and docker-compose.
  2. Pull the repository
  3. Run the docker-compose.
  4. Run OJS’s installation wizard from your browser at https://localhost:8081

But this is just the tip of the iceberg of things you can do with docker.

I need to clarify that the “official” images that you can download from DockerHub following the instructions above are built buy community members and are not (yet :-P) supervised by the PKP team, but you can use them with confidence as far they have been in production use for years.

Today, still infected by the energy of Hannover, I have dusted off a parallel project in which we are trying to improve these images and extend from OJS to the rest of PKP tools. The project follows the mandate of this document.

Notice, that for the momment, these are images, are going to be much heavier (they are based on Debian instead of Alpine) and have not yet been tested and used in production but nice part is they already allow to test OMP for version 3.3.0-15 (LTS).

You can know more about the new project in this link: GitHub - marcbria/docker-pkp

The final goal of this, is finding an standarized process to manage our OxS installations in an easy and secure way.

If you have any questions, you can send them to the issues of the respective projects or right here.

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Images for new OJS release are avaliable:

  • OJS 3.3.0-16 (aliased as stable-3_3_0)
  • OJS (aliased as stable-3_4_0 and latest)

Even is not recommened for production sites (best practice is “pinning to versions”), we just noticed some fellows are pulling the “latest” tag so, since now, we are going to be more consistent its building.

OMP images are a little bit more complicate to build and won’t be published till tonight/tomorrow.

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The images for the new OMP release are now avaliable for:

  • OMP 3.3.0-16 (aliased as stable-3_3_0)
  • OMP (aliased as stable-3_4_0 and latest)

Those images are build in a very different way than the OJS ones, so…

  • OMP images are still beta.
  • Only the 3.3 LTS is tested in a production site.
  • Recommended image is: pkpfficial/omp:stable-3_3_0

Some extra details:
Images will be…

  • Pushed to DockerHub.
  • Built from the official tar.gz package.
  • Based on php:8.1-apache (that are debian based)
  • Not optimized (weight ~500MB vs the 60MB we have on ojs).

GitHub repo of the project is GitHub - marcbria/docker-pkp
Post your comments and issues there.

New docker images for new OJS release are avaliable since this mornig in dockerHub.
Image names are:

  • pkpofficial/ojs:3_3_0-17 (aliased as stable-3_3_0 and lts-3_3)
  • pkpofficial/ojs:3_4_0-5 (aliased as stable-3_4_0 and latest)

Didn’t got time to properly test the OMP beta images for version 3.3.0-16, so to avoid creating expectations, I won’t relese new versions till we confirm they work fine. If somebody have tested them feedback is appreciated.