Docker for OJS: Blank page during the installation

BTW, today (now) I’m building new stable OJS 3.2.1-3 (that was released last week).

I take the chance to modify something in those images: Upload folder is not /srv/files any more… is going to be /var/www/private (as we talk in former posts).

So, it won’t be any difference for your existing images (if you don’t pull the new ones), but you need to think in this in future if you pull a new image (ie: 3.2.1-3) and you get a warning about your upload folder in your future installations.

Sorry a lot for the annoyance.

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Hi @marc,
Thanks again for your time.

Thanks for the article. I have now a better view about the volumes and their syntax in the yml file :slight_smile:

I agree with you on this point !

Yes and I checked that :slight_smile: thanks !

Oh Good luck ! I think that the version that I am used now fulfill at the moment my requirements :slight_smile:


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Hi Anouar,

An article fall into my hands today and I though would be useful to you:

This manual page from docker also worth a look. It explains “docker * prune” function:

How did your delivery go?

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Hi Marc,
Thanks for the article. It seems very interesting. I forgot to install portainer :sweat_smile: but this is a good reminder. Also I need to learn more about the docker prune function.

Oh I am stucked, I have to create a machine readable description which include a resource ID for the dataset using in some article. I am not too familar with JSON and programming generally, that’s I am giving my best.