DOAJ Depositing failed (OJS

We have been depositing articles to dojs using the plugin with no problem, but the last 4 deposited articles were not. I receive this error message, but it gives me no clue as to the problem:

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 15.25.26

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Hello @lsteele,

I suspect this is related to the recent changes to the DOAJ API:

Please see the forum posts here: New DOAJ website, DOAJ plugin does not work - #4 by rcgillis and New DOAJ API and DOAJ plugin - #2 by Marie-Helene (this one in particular points to a fix for the issue).
Please search for relevant posts prior to posting as it helps cut down on duplication and clutter in the forum.

Best regards,

Public Knowledge Project /Staff

Hi Roger,
strange is that articles are deposited (although I made no changes to the plugin…) up to November. I assumed it may take a bit for them to be processed.
What did no work is the individual depositing.
I am sorry to clutter the forum: on this specific instance I could not recognise a matching post… :frowning:
Thanks for your help in any case!