Displaying article publication date

Hi, is it possible to display an article publication date on the article landing page? Is it something that depends purely on the OJS theme code or does it require a dedicated plugin? One of our journals publishes rolling articles and would like to be able to display their pub dates.

Also, I came across the plugin - Dates plugin for OJS 3.3 (GitHub - ajnyga/dates) - but did not have time to test it yet. Has anyone used it and can share their experience, or send a link to your journal which is using the plugin? Thanks.

Hi @sergiyk,

Looks like the Dates plugin is fairly new, and I’m not sure how well known it is just yet - but @ajnyga - the developer of the plugin might be able to point you to some journals who are using it and what the experience has been like thus far, I suspect that this plugin was developed to meet this need because it was better to do it via a plugin rather than theme modifications or other means.

PKP Team

Thanks, Roger. Your insight is very much appreciated. I will reach out to the plugin developer for more information.

Already replied to @sergiyk but in case someone else is wondering.

The plugin was designed to show the submission and acceptance dates. It also shows the publication date, but this is of course already visible in the default theme.

It is not a plugin I have planned to support or develop further. It coded it very quickly a few years ago when someone asked such a feature. Especially to show the submission and acceptance dates. So definitely lot’s of room to improve there. It does support 3.1.2, 3.2 and 3.3. For the latter two there are actual releses available and fort 3.1 there is a working branch in the repo.

This plugin should be part of OJS core !!.
It is very useful (at least for us) to show that information. Please consider maintaining the plugin or integrating it into the OJS core.