Display of keywords in OJS

Would it be possible to copy and paste semicolon-separated keywords as a bunch? It seems that in the new version keywords have to be entered one by one.

Hi @ivovolt,

See e.g. this thread.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


How did you solve the keywords in OJS 3.0.2?

Thank you!

Hi, I am the administrator of my journal. I have just upgraded to OJS and I had the keywords selected as required field. I can see the keywords of papers previously uploaded but there is no way of uploading keywords, and at the time I save the metadata I always get the red message “Keywords missing” or so. But in articles previously uploaded I can see the keywords, in a different way (uneditable). Please tell me what to do because we need this metadata to be available!! I need to be able to edit all the metadata of the articles.
Please see what happens when I try to save…
(As soon as I save the metadata the keywords “disappear” but they are still there, if I edit metadata again I can see them