Description for review form elements

Hi there,

i have added a description property to review form elements to display a description below the element title (e.g. to give users some instructions on how to fill out the field).

Field Title
Field Control (Textbox, DropDown, etc…)

Field Title
Field Description
Field Control

Can we integrate these changes into the official GitHub repo? Should i create an issue there and provide a pull request?

So lonG

Hi @j1shin,

Yes, that sounds useful – please do!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Created an issue and a pull request

hi @j1shin,

The description field is sent to the author? I hope not, because for now I use the title for making a description but is add to the email for the author when you send the revisions, and I need to delete it before send it.

Hi @t4x0n,

i’m sorry but i don’t understand your question. Simply put, the description field is an additional field introduced in the form elements configuration and it is displayed in related forms. What do you mean with sent? Can you give an example?

So lonG

Ok, I understand… maybe if I see what code are you changed I can answer my own question, but I will try to explain you (me English is not the best)

When I say send, I mean when you have the revision is done (by a reviewer) and you as Editor have the possibility of sending part of the form responses to the author:

then, in our journal, we have a textarea for comments to the author, and we add some of information (a description for the reviewer), but when we want to send the answer to the author not only the answer is pasted in the email, also the explanation:
Then, we have to edit the email and delete the explanation before sending it.

Hi @t4x0n,

no, the description is not added to the email when “add reviews to email” is clicked.

I didn’t even know of this function until yet, thank you for pointing it out.

So lonG

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thanks to you for add the descriptions!

Its will be very usefull

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