Delay in showing Stats and Reports


We have an installation of ojs 2.4.6. Our journal manager was really interested in observing view and download numbers of an important article just after it’s publication. We noticed there was a 30+ hour delay for reporting view and download numbers in Timed views report for example. During that 30+ hours it was showing all zero. This is while in our previous ojs version (2.3.7) it used to show the stats straight away.

Would you please advise what has caused that? Also I was wondering if the counting process had started juster after that 30 hours or it had started straight away, only not showing it yet.


That delay is part of the new Statistics Processing Framework:

Currently, logging is accumulated over the course of the day, and then processing of the prior day’s log happens sometime the following day. It depends on your cron setup, or on Acron’s timing.

It should be possible to setup cron to handle more realtime statistics processing. Reprocessing a log with the same name will overrwrite the log entries that had been previously processed under that name. So, you could periodically copy the in-progress log from usageStats/usageEventLogs in your files_dir to usageStats/stage and then immediately execute the php tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasks.xml process. Just don’t move the log manually unless you know what you are doing.