Customizing OJS(3.x) main admin interface

Hi … Can I customize the main administration panel interface (i dont mean the site interface which can be customized with themes) of OJS (3.x) , like changing the layout out the nav bar, colors and perform other tweaks … By the way I am very comfortable with web design And programming so I need just hint where to start if possible ??

Hi @amirdire

Those pages cannot be customized so easily as the public pages – I believe you can do this only by CSS, but @NateWr will surely know better :slight_smile:


OK … Thank you very much @bozana

Hi @amirdire,

Yes, you can override the backend templates as well as inject CSS/LESS code into the backend. A theme plugin has a templates directory. Though our documentation focuses on overriding the frontend templates, the directory can also override any backend templates.

Also, the techniques for modifying a parent theme’s stylesheet can also be used to modify the backend stylesheet:

When modifying that stylesheet, the stylesheet name is pkpLib and the context is backend.

Beware that modifying the templates or stylesheet of the backend can break the editorial backend. We generally don’t recommend it unless you have resources to develop and test carefully.


ok @NateWr thanks for that really helped me a lot

Hi @NateWr this links is not working:

Can you update with new links ?


Hi @xavi,

All of our developer documentation, including the theming guide, is now available here: PKP Developer Docs - Technical guides and documentation for OJS and OMP.

Hi @NateWr
Thanks you !!

The GitBook links were not Found 404.

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Hi @faridvatani, all of our documentation, including the theming guide, can now be found at PKP Developer Docs - Technical guides and documentation for OJS and OMP. I’ve updated the links above.

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