Customize Process of Purchasing a Book

Hi and Hello to the OMP Community,

We have installed and are using OMP for listing the books published by our organization.

We now have need for user to purchase a printed copy of the book. We have checked the manual and Paypal payment plugins available in the payment section of plugins.
However, we want a different behavior for our users.

The idea is that we will have a book store with more book listed than in the OMP. This book store will be customized for better experience for the user to purchase the book, make payments and view his order history, track his order, etc. All this is not possible in OMP. But we want to link the user from OMP to the book store.

I am exploring the options available. I am myself well versed with programming so, I might invest time in developing the functionality. But, I am also open to using an already developed plugin.

The behavior I am looking for is that,

  • A URL to the book store can be configured, when preparing the publication formats for the monograph
  • When clicking on the “Purchase” button in the book page, user will be redirected to the configured URL, thus opening the book store.
  • The URL can and will be unique for each Monograph/book.
  • Handling of this for each chapter can be considered and developed in future.

I finally found the solution.

There is no need to develop any plugin or modify any code.

In the Publication Formats, I am now creating Paperback/Softback format and choosing the following checkboxes in the Publication Format → Edit form:

  1. Physical format
  2. This format will be available at a separate website
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