CSS doesn't work on OMP site page

Hi everyone!

I’m used to play a lot with css to customize the Default theme of my presses, avoiding relevant changes in template files.

In the press pages everithing is ok, but the main site page (the one with the press index) ignore any css instructions. I uploaded my css in Administration>Site settings>Appereance>Setup but nothing.

The browser console shows that my StyleSheet.css is not included in the page.


I use OMP, but the same in a test installation with OMP

Is it a bug? What should I do?

Hi @Michevole,

I’m doubtful this is a bug. Often when a new stylesheet is uploaded, it is necessary to clear caches in order for changes to take affect. Could you try that? You should clear the template cache, and data cache (under the site admin settings - so you will need site admin privileges to do it (or get your site admin to do it for you): Learning Open Journal Systems 3.3 - Site Administration

Can you try that and see if it works?

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis and thanks for replying!

I did it and I just retried it a few minutes ago. Even deleting the template&data cache from OMP, or opening the page on a private browser, the result is the same. Css are not included in the page.

My technician told me that no relevant errors or warnings are shown from php console. It looks like the stylesheets are simply ignored, even if they’re uploaded and saved.


As I said, the problem is only in the index page. The same process works for the single contexts.
I tried it on two different OMP installations and it’s the same. I bet anyone could replicate the issue. :confused:

Hi again! Has anyone tried it?
I’m interested in knowing if I’m making a mistake somewhere…