Crossref timestamp


As discussed in the thread: CrossRef Updates

I want an option to choose the timestamp format in crossref plugin. We have been using the YYYYMMDDHHMM format before, and now when starting using OJS there is a problem with the timestamp since the output of time() is a lower number than the output of YYYYMMDDHHMM.

As I wrote in the discussion thread I have now manually changed row 102 and 103 in ojs/ at ojs-stable-3_1_1 · pkp/ojs · GitHub


           $headNode->appendChild($node = $doc->createElementNS($deployment->getNamespace(), 'doi_batch_id',htmlspecialchars($context->getSetting('initials', $context->getPrimaryLocale()) . '_' . date("YmdHi"), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8')));
           $headNode->appendChild($node = $doc->createElementNS($deployment->getNamespace(), 'timestamp', date("YmdHi")));

where time() was replaced by date(“YmdHi”)