Crossref new guidelines

Today it was announced that Crossref is changing its DOI display guidelines.
Is it available the DOI plugin to manage my DOIs according to the new Crossref guidelines?
If so, where can I download it?

Hi Nora,

Just to clarify with those who may not yet know what the changes are, I have pasted them below. We only heard of this today ourselves, so we haven’t made a change to the plugin, but it’ll be an easy change to do and will be out before March 2017.

From Crossref:

We very rarely change Crossref DOI display guidelines, in part because we understand that a change on our end likely means more work on your end as you update the way DOI links are displayed in your publications. Here is a brief explanation of why, what, and when it will happen:

Why: We believe these changes are necessary in order to respond to the need for more secure browsing with “https:”, and to harmonize our guidelines with those of the International DOI Foundation.

What: The changes are to drop “dx” from DOI links and to use “https:” rather than “http:”. An example of the new best practice in displaying a Crossref DOI is: As always, the DOI should be written as a hyperlink.

When: We are asking that you adopt the new guidelines by March 2017.

One further followup - this has been submitted as an issue for OJS 2.4.9 and 3.0.1: