Crossref iThenticate Similarity Check

Please, support integration of Crossref iThenticate Similarity Check.

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There is now an iThenticate plugin if you’re using OJS 3.x.

However, we noticed that the plugin checks every single submission instead of leaving it up to the journal to decide which paper gets checked.

Journals have different policies regarding when is the best moment to check the similarity for a paper given that there is a fee associated with each check (if you’re using Crossref Similarity Check). The way it is currently set, this could result extra expenses to the journal.

I believe the plugin should allow journals to choose which papers are checked.

Alex Mendonça

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Hi @alexxxmendonca,

I made an issue for sort of the same thing in the iThenticate plugin repo: Send submissions to iThenticate at later stage · Issue #4 · asmecher/plagiarism · GitHub

Please add your comments!

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @astevens,

Thank you so much for “pointing the way” to the github. I wasn’t sure which was the best route (here or github).

Will add my 2 cents to the issue!

Alex Mendonça

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