CrossRef and 2.4.8-1

We’ve been getting reports of the CrossRef plugin not working since we upgraded all of our instances to 2.4.8-1. For instance, going to /manager/importexport/plugin/CrossRefExportPlugin/articles throws a 500 error:

PHP Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /var/www/html/ojs/plugins/importexport/crossref/ on line 220

Also, clicking on the unregistered articles listing link causes a blank screen with the error:

ojs2 has produced an error\n Message: USER WARNING: Smarty error: unable to read resource: “file:/var/www/html/ojs/plugins/importexport/crossref/templates/all.tpl”

I see that the all.tpl file has been removed, but it is still referenced in the settings form:

Am I the only one with these issues? If so, any idea what went wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My problem sounds similar to this issue: Error to export XML Crossref DOI - after update OJS 2.4.8

I’m using PHP 5.3.3 if that helps.

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Ok nevermind. This is tied to PHP 5.4 allowing $this to be used inside of anonymous functions.

It is fixed in pkp/pkp-lib#1749 remove php 5.3 code · pkp/ojs@1dd1274 · GitHub