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I am using OJS 3.0 how to create TOC page.Please let me know how to create TOC page and need to display issue title, page count and author name
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Hi @muhammed

It is created automatically for every issue. First you need create an issue from the dashboard: Issues -> Future Issues -> Create Issue

Then schedule each article for the publication in that issue (Production stage of a submission workflow). The last is to publish that issue: `Issues → Future issues → publish issue button under the specific issue). You can also preview it before publishing and change the order of articles.

yes ,Not showing Gallery name and link
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Please look at screen shots.

I believe that you are trying to publish a full issue here by creating an issue and attaching galley for a full issue as PDF. But instead, for displaying a TOC, you need to assign each article to an issue on a production stage and then publish an issue.

Hi Please Guide me how can i assign production stage and publish an issue
Because i am new in OJS
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Please guide step by step option

I just want to create TOC page and abstract page download pdf and download html files
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  1. Create a new issue
  2. Submit an article (by an author after registration or journal staff). It will appear under Submissions menu. On this stage, all article’s metadata are entered.
  3. Take an article through all workflow stages: review (can be skipped), copyediting, production.
  4. On the production stage click Schedule for publication button (right side of the page). There you can assign an issue in which the article will be published.
  5. After this, the article will appear in the issue’s TOC.

You can find additional information about the OJS and, particularly, the workflow in the documentation here:
I think, this page would be the most helpful in this case: Editorial Workflow

Thanks for your help. your reference document is very help us.

I have faced another issue how can i disabled copy and paste in full html view page.
Please help me.

Hi Vitaliy

I just move the files and dataase one domain to another domain when i run the website showing the following Error Message how can i resolved.

I am also trying change base_url at config file but no improvement same error message showing.

Please help this,

Hi @muhammed

First of all I recommend to update to the latest version (OJS 3.1.1-4), 3.0 is quite outdated and contains some potential vulnerabilities.

Second, what error you encounter with? Can you post it?