Contributor list

Describe the problem you would like to solve
We are getting feedback from editors now using OJS 3.3 that the author/contributor list is a) too hidden and b) to fiddly to easily see author information. For an editor to see information such as the affiliation they need to do the below for every author:

  1. go to Publication > Contributors
  2. click the arrow next to the author name
  3. click edit
  4. find the information on the form

When the editor is doing desk assessments such questions as which country are the authors from? Which department/affiliation are the author from? Do they all have Orcids? etc may be asked. If the author list is more than a small number this becomes a cumbersome task that takes a lot of clicks.

Describe the solution you’d like
Update the contributor table so that affiliation, country and Orcid of the author information is available ‘at a glance’ so that the editor can assess them in one go rather than individually.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal Editors/Managing Editors