Comparison of metadata before and after copyediting (versions of metadata, review mode)

Dear community and OJS-developers,

from the point of view of our editorial team and copyeditors, a very useful feature in OJS would be the implementation of a visual comparison of metadata, before and after copyediting phase. It is important to us that our authors can check how exactly their metadata, such as abstracts or their biographical statements, have been modified in the copyediting process, so that they can express their approval or disapproval. Exactly as they can do for their articles.

This would mean that there would have to be at least two different versions of metadata. Version 1 from the submission to the copyediting phase, and version 2 from the copyediting phase onwards. Ideally, the two versions could be visually compared to one another (e.g., as in review mode in MS Word or Libre Office).

Currently, we document the changes of metadata in the “Copyediting Discussion” and attach a Word file that compares the submitted metadata with the edited metadata (review mode). This is a lot of work, and also very cumbersome.

We would be very pleased if in future there were different versions of metadata and the copyediting could be visualized in some kind of way.