Chapters not clickable

Dear Sirs,

I have created my Press, created the series, published my first book.
Inside the first book, edited by three editors, I have published all the chapters, written by a number of authors.
The problem is that each chapter is not clickable and openable. Furthermore, there is not the option to click on the pdf of each chapter, even if I have added it manually to each one with all the submission process.
How does this work? I have read the documentation, but I have not found a reference to this.
Here is my page:

Thank you very much for your kind help.
Leonardo Mancini

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

Chapters don’t have their own landing pages only monographs them. See and exaple: Most na Soči. Arheološke raziskave v letih 2000–2016 na levem bregu Idrijce / The 2000–2016 archaeological investigations on the left bank of the Idrijca | ZRC SAZU, Založba ZRC

Regards, Primož

also see Please make it possible to associate a chapter with a landing page · Issue #5280 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub, hoping to get back to that soon

Dear everyone,

Thank you for the answers. Could you help me only with a further clarification?
At the moment, I am not able to reach the result of the demo shared by @primozs, meaning I am not able even to show the single pdf files for each chapter.
However, in the admin I have uploaded them.
Could you kindly help me with this?
Thank you,

Hi everyone,

Do you maybe have an hint for this?
I am really stuck, out of my ignorance for sure.
Thanks again,

Hello everyone,

I kindly ask if someone has ever gone into the difficulty of showing the chapters file. I know that this cane be done, as it is shown in the website provided by Primož, however I have still not managed, and it seems to me that this is not addressed in the documentation.
I would be grateful for any help in this regard.
Thank you,