Changing what metadata is presented: contributor and publisher


OMP 3.3 user here. We want to do some modifications in what metadata is being presented, preferably both in the OAI-PMH DC metadata and when viewing the page source (i.e. the meta name=“citation_xx”). Does anyone have any experience doing this?

The first thing that we want to be able to change is that for edited volumes, we would want it to only display the editors (individual chapter authors are presented as well as authors in the current state, which seems odd to me, when the metadata is describing the volume and not its chapters).

The other thing is that we would want to be able to use the “imprint” field that is available for each publication format instead of the “publisher” field, which is taken from the press settings. We have different publishers using our platform, so it would make more sense for us to use this instead.

I’m looking for some advice from anyone who may have done something similar for their installation, or anything really.

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