Changing galleys AFTER volume is published

Could you point me to how I go about updating galleys for a manuscript that has already been published. I’m not clear from your tutorials whether to unpublish (and republish?) or create new version. Will it show on the manuscript entry that a new version has been uploaded? How will replacing a galley with a new version effect the view statistics reports?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @cwoolmer,

It depends on your use case as well as what version of OJS you’re using (as more recent versions of the software allow for versions). In more recent versions (e.g. 3.2), you will be required to unpublish the article in order to make any changes, whether or not that is uploading a new version, modifying the metadata, or making other changes. This is outlined in our documentation here: Chapter 15: Production and Publication

If you add a new version, I believe that this does not impact view statistics. However, if you add a separate, distinct galley - it would have it’s own statistics associated with it.

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PKP staff


Thanks, Roger. Really helpful.


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