Changes of the MARC-XML Uploads

Since october 11th 2021 the upload from OJS to DNB (the german national library) fails. Our administrator has detected changes in the MARC-XML of the upload packages on 10/10/2021.
We don’t know who made these changes. We’re positive that the editors of the journal were not involved.
Could you help us and identify why these changes were made? Maybe this was part of an unexpected update or overwrite?
We are currently hosting the journal “ZIF” with OJS on our servers: Zeitschrift für Interkulturellen Fremdsprachenunterricht
We are using Open Journal Systems


depositing articles to the DNB with OJS 2.4.8 is not supported any more for a longer time already. At least several years. There also haven’t been any updates (changes) to the DNB plugin for OJS 2.4.8 since then.

A quick search for some of your articles in the DNB catalogue seems to confirm that your articles haven’t been deposited with the DNB for a longer time already.

Apart from that it is strongly advisable to upgrade your OJS system for a number of other reasons like security, data privacy and accessibility issues. I would recommend you to upgrade at least to OJS 3.2 or higher.

For all versions up to OJS 3.2 the DNB plugin is already available. For OJS 3.3 it should be available soon (I’m currently working on it).

Best wishes,
(Team Elektronisches Publizieren und Open Access, Universitätsbibliothek, FU Berlin)