Change role title in monograph view

I use the version, when I publish a monograph, at the top inside the

tag where the list of authors appear, there is the title


, however the authors that are in the list must appear with the role “Cordinator”, in the control panel it is already configured with that role but in the view it continues to appear with the title of “Authors”, there any way to change the title Authors to Cordinator?

Hello @roglrdz,

You may wish to try the custom locale plugin and see if you can change the label for that text through that. Some guidance can be found in our documentation here:

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Hi friend @rcgillis ,
I tried to install the plugin according to the guide, but I get this error “Could not copy plugin to desination”


Hello @roglrdz,

You received this error when you tried to install the plugin via the plugin gallery? If that didn’t work, you may wish to install the plugin manually on the server (or have your IT person or systems administrator install it for you). With this particular error, it looks like there might be an issue with the permissions for your plugin directory. You may wish to see this post on the topic.