Can OMP be used to manage journals?

Hello all!

As being the one responsible for managing the technology for journals AND books, I’m am currently under the impression that OMP might be useful to manage the editorial process of journals as well.

The idea is to centralize everything into one system, to make it easier to backup, maintain and customize.

I’m trying to use our current OJS install for managing books as well, although I know it doesn’t have the workflow we need.

My questions are regarding “importing” OJS journals into OMP: if that would be possible and if it would make sense to have everything within OMP…

Hi @ramon,

Our long-term plans are something similar to what you describe – and we’re making progress on that by gradually moving more and more of the code for OJS and OMP into the same pkp-lib repository. Soon we’ll also start releasing the applications simultaneously to further unify them. But you’d be losing a lot of capability by doing this now – most obviously the issue management in OJS vs. catalog management in OMP, and OMP’s focus on the individual published unit (e.g. PDF as opposed to ePub), vs. OJS’s focus on the article in whatever form it takes (where PDF and HTML are not highly differentiated).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team