Can an editor change email template when assigning reviewers?


I hope you are all safe and well!! These are questions, but could be read as feature requests as well :slight_smile:

Can an editor have access to and choose between several email templates, e.g. when assigning reviewers?

Also, it is great that editors get to modify the body of the email before an invitation is sent, but it would mightily useful to also be able to modify the subject of the email.

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Hi @eroesch,

There are some interesting conversations similar to this issue on our Github issues page: [OJS] Allow prepared email templates to be selectively available for discussions and participant assignment 路 Issue #3193 路 pkp/pkp-lib 路 GitHub

as part of this issue there are also several related issues that are referenced: Refactor email templates to better support discovery, reuse and documentation 路 Issue #5716 路 pkp/pkp-lib 路 GitHub, Improvements to email selection, draft, preview and send during workflow 路 Issue #5717 路 pkp/pkp-lib 路 GitHub. You may wish to have a look at these issues and weigh in with your comments (if you feel that they are not already reflected in the discussions there).

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PKP team

Thanks! Very useful!