Brazilian Portuguese translations on submission review step

While testing OPS 3_4_0rc3, I noticed some issues with some of the pt_BR translations on submission review step.

The first one is the title, which has been translated to “Avaliação”. This word has the meaning of evaluate the value of something, which is not the case here. In this case, the word “Revisão” should be used, since it has the meaning of doing a new reading of something.

It’ll also conform with the text “Revise e submete”, in the description of the step.

Also, this text isn’t completely correct. The word “Revise” is the imperative of its verb, but “submete” is not. The text should be translated to “Revise e submeta”, where both are in imperative.

Thanks for the attention, Jhon.

Hi @BonjourJhon!

We don’t have a review policy/practice/workflow in place at the moment, so inconsistent translations are likely in the meantime! This is something the technical committee wants to work on.

If you’re confident that your changes would improve the translation, please go ahead and make the changes directly in Weblate.

Thanks for watching this! I recognize that we have some infrastructural work to do in better support of our translators – your work is valuable and a huge benefit to the project.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the instructions!

However, I noticed something that prevents me from fixing the title. The locale key for it is, which is used in other pages related to review of articles in OJS, where the term “Revisão” wouldn’t be correct. Thus, I think it would be necessary to add a new locale key for the title of the confirmation step.

The other text, “Revise e submete” (submission.reviewAndSubmit), doesn’t have this problem, so it’s easier to fix.

Best regards,