Bilingual journal but with articles in more languages

Dear community,
we have a bilingual journal (german/english) and the editors want to publish articles in french, greek and italian also.
Do you have any idea how it is possible to show / to present that there is in an article in a language different from the journal’s main languages?
Best regards!

Hi @unkej,

If you have the languages enabled in OJS for submitting, and the galley is uploaded in that particular language’s interface, the galley title might indicate it e.g. it could be like PDF (EN) PDF (FR) PDF (IT) PDF (DE). If you’re not enabling those additional languages, this is not ideal, but it is still possible to indicate the language next to the galley title. We do have some high-level information about this in our Metadata best practices guide: Journal Settings and Title-level Metadata - Better Practices in Journal Metadata

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis ,
thank you for the Metadata guide. But when I want to check the box only for a “non-UI language” (n-UIL) the forms box is automatically checked too. Is this an intended behavior?
So when submitting an article I have (the possibility) to fill the boxes for the UI L plus for every n-UIL. I think this might confuse the editors… and in my opinion it is not necessary. One should only need choose the submission (n-UI) language at the beginning for the article metada and at the end when adding the galley file.
Or is it necessary for the metadata to fill the boxes for the n-UIL? And does it affect the (UI?) metadata even if there is no translation but just the non UI article title?

Another option for a nUIL article is to add the language information in the Galley Label box. But before one had to choose a Submission (UI) language… the outcome would be like (for a article in Italian e.g.)
PDF (submission language) (UI language)
PDF (IT) (English)
when I’m in the German UI and
when I’m in the English UI.

Or… maybe I’m on the wrong track and I think
to complex… :smiley:

Hi @unkej,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I will look into this a bit further - but in order to do so, can you let me know which specific OJS version you are using (e.g. 3.3.0-8)?

PKP Team

We are currently using 3.2.1-4 and we will plan an update only when the plugin DNB export plugin (auto-export to the German National Library for long-term archiving). If you’re adding an improvement for OJS 3.3.X we will have to wait a little more. :wink:

If we only need to change a small amount of code in 3.2.1-4, we would be happy to test! But we can only change some code, not code ourselves, due to staff capacities.

It is no priority for us, so please take your time! We are happy with every support we can get here! :slight_smile: