Best practice for assigning DOI to preprint translations


We run a preprint server that uses OPS as platform – SciELO Preprints ( – and we are currently having a single PDF (galley) per preprint. Therefore we have a single DOI for preprint.

If an author submits a preprint that has a translation (2 or more Galleys/PDF) we ask them to make a new submission for the translation alone, so that the translation would have its own DOI. This is what we’ve been doing so far.

However, we recently found out that OPS, much like OJS, allows DOI assignment at the Galley level, not only at the submission level.

What’s the best way to deal with translation DOI for preprints?

Option one:

Submission - DOI 1
Galley 1 (original language) - DOI 2
Galley 2 (translation) - DOI 3

Option two:

Submission - no DOI
Galley 1 (original language) - DOI 1
Galley 2 (translation) - DOI 2

Option three:

Submission - DOI 1
Galley 1 (original language) - DOI 1 (same as submission DOI)
Galley 2 (translation) - DOI 2

We use Crossref. Does anyone know what would be the best practice here?