Auto-fill author data in submission in QuickSubmit

Dear all,

an editor ask for the possibility to auto-fill author meta data when submitting an article with the QuickSubmit-Plugin. So, he enters “Smith” and then suggestions for already known authors pop up (or something like this). Currently, I offered him a workaround by using an auto-fill browser plugin.

I hope there is a better solution.

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I asked that ayear ago or so and I have been told that due to some privacy regulations in EU and some other countries that is not possible.
So, fill it manually as I have done that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really!? Okay! Thanks! At least I know that this will not be implemented…

Some legislations do not allow that author is by default easy to be listed and his/her details seen. That is my understanding. Probably there are cases/scenarios when this restriction is justified.