Authors Last Name in View Report

Is it possible to include Author’s last name in the spreadsheet generated by “View Report”? Journal managers found articles easier to recognize by their author’s name rather than article’s title. Custom report doesn’t have that feature either.

Hi @salehig,

There is no way to do that without changing the report code.

One easy way to change the report code is to add the authors into the article title column. You can do that editing the plugins/reports/views/ file, replacing line 107 by:

$articleTitles[$articleId] = $publishedArticle->getAuthorString() . ', ' . $publishedArticle->getArticleTitle();

Remember that next time you upgrade, you will need to make sure that you keep this change.

Hope that helps,

Hi @beghelli,
Thanks for your help. I managed to add a new column for authors by modifying the file you mentioned.