Author biographies - Pros/Cons?


your PKP follower power and journal publishing experience is asked.

Does your journal publish author biographies - why, why not? What are the pros/cons?

We are currently migrating a journal to OJS. For the scientific article section, we do have author biographies for each author in the PDF (usually a short paragraph of 5-10 print lines) and we could add them as well to the details page.

Some pros and cons I see from our side:

  • Added value
  • Reader can get a better insight of the published work


  • Tedious work to copy over from the manuscript if the author doesn’t enter the biography during submission
  • Details page may get very long
  • What do some search engines with the content do? - the biography may decoupled from the article and it is not clear that the biography is a snapshot at the time the article was published

Thanks for your feedback!