Assigning an editor in OJS3

I am using OJS 3. The problem I have is that during assigning of a editor to a submission there is a list of all editors with only their names. In the OJS 2 there were more info about the editors available, in particular number of articles assigned to each editor. That is one of the key factors for a decision about assigning editor to an article for our journal.
Is it possible to add that info about the assigned articles in the list of all available editors?

Regards, Primož

check these features PKP is working on: Improve the reviewer selection list · Issue #2894 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
Those are planned for OJS 3.2.

Hi @ajnyga,

Great features. But the mentioned thread is talking about additional info for reviewers. Are there any plans to add these functionalities to editors as well?

Best regards, Primož

Sorry, I misread your message. See this issue: Add filtering options to new submissions list · Issue #2612 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
Your request is there as well and the issue has the same milestone.

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Hi @ajnyga

OK, thank you for the info. The second thread is what I am looking for, correct :slight_smile:

Best regards, Primož

I have run into the same issue but don’t see anything about it in the listed thread. I hope it is still on the agenda as I have 6 section editors and assigning work to them is a right pain without a clear idea of what the existing commitments of each are.

I will set a pointer to my new question to here.