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we are publishing call for papers for certain upcoming issues and we love to enable the users to submit an article for a certain upcoming issue.
Also we would love to have a row with the assigned issue in the table of recent submissions.
That would be super awesome!
Frank J.


In general I think that this could be a good idea.

For our journals who have asked a similar feature I have suggested the following:

  1. Create a new journal section and name it after the CFP theme you have
  2. When sending the articles, the authors can choose the correct section (CFP theme) and you can also assign these papers automatically to certain editors if needed
  3. When the CFP is over, you can move the articles to the correct sections they belong to and remove the CFP theme section

Yes, I thought about such a workaround, but you dont have an overview over the articles then (which article belongs to which issue).
Frank J.

In 3.1 you will have the ability to filter submissions by section:

I think you can do it already in 3.0.2 if you choose “Search” from the top right corner of any submission listing.

After the submission has been made, I do not think that anything prevents the editor from going to the Production tab and choose “Schedule for publication” and the correct future issue. I mean even before doing the peer review.

Hmm. The problem with the assigning right now is, that you have to enter a publication date as well. (We usally dont know the exact date, because it doesnt matter to us that much if is it on the first of March or second of April.)

I guess, after the process is over, you would check those details anyway? I mean after the submission actually reaches the production stage and is actually ready for publishing.

But as I said, I think that enabling the author to choose the targeted issue is not a bad idea. Maybe @stranack could comment this?

I’d be hesitant to add something this specific as a feature, as it would not be widely used, and we are trying to keep everything as simple as possible (this is how OJS 2.x became overly complicated and considered “hard to use” over time). I like the idea of the CfP section, or, alternatively, to ask authors to indicate in their “Comments to the Editor”, that they are submitting in response to the CfP.

Hi @stranack, thanks for your reply. I totally get the keep it clean and simple…
What I would love to know, how editors are then organizing their list of articles, as this becomes crowded quite fast.Unbenannt2

Checkout the new listing features in OJS 3.1:

Nate also has “sort by editor” feature mentioned there.

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This looks extremly helpful. Then we will do it the section wise way!
Thank you!
Cant wait til October 20th… (Is that still the date for 3.1?)
Frank J.

thank you so so much for the link and for trying to help. i found lots of useful information by reading your posts (never thought that sitting home doing nothing but searching for online pharmacy because of health issues can be helpful, but it seemingly can if searching forums like this). thanks a lot! would you mind if i am going to have some other questions for you later? as i can see that you are really good at this! thanks!

Thanks @Musigen7

I suggest that you post your possible questions to the forum so that others can also see the answers/solutions. There are a lot of experienced OJS users and developers here who can answer questions.

Hello @ajnyga,

I have a doubt about the new filtering system: Add filtering options to new submissions list · Issue #2612 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. I know it is something scheduled for 3.1, but can the submodule pkp/pkp-lib#2612 Submission filtering by NateWr · Pull Request #1490 · pkp/ojs · GitHub be applied to 3.0.2? I noticed the differences…

Sorry if this isn’t the right place, but didn’t want to fill the forum with a new post.

Thank you,
Best regards

Hi, @NateWr knows best.

Hi @ajnyga,

Thank you for your reply. I’ll wait for @NateWr feedback about this!

Best regards

Hi @digitojs,

No, the filtering can not be applied to the submission lists in any version prior to OJS 3.1. There’s a lot of change in the technical infrastructure powering the lists that we’re introducing in 3.1.

Hi @NateWr,

I figured it could be hard to adjust for the changes I’ve seen but had to ask.
Thank you for your time!

Best regards

Hi @NateWr, I just installed 3.1 and after a few hickups (failed ftp and caching issues) everything works fine and I just wanted to say thank you very much because the new filter system is very helpful for our team to organize our workflow!
So, thanks!


one more thing after a first real use experience.
It would be nice if the view would remember the filtering. Because currently we filter, click on & talk about an article, then click our back buttons and have to start filtering again.
Thank you!
Frank J.

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