Articles disappear for journals managers in archives section

Dear community,
Some articles are kind of “lost” in the archives section… As an admin I am able to see all articles, but the journals manager (JM) 1 sees only 6 of 8 and journal manager 2 sees 5 of 8 articles. But they also get the info “8 of 8 articles” in the archives section.
During the publication workflow an author submits an article and JM 1 processes the article through the workflow. At one point JM 1 assigns JM 2 maybe as a Layout Editor or when JM 2 is the main editor, JM 1 will be assigned as a Reviewer… So at one step during the workflow a JM will be assigned to a task with a role with a minor permission level than a JM. Is this maybe the mistake?

Info: We have OJS as a multi journal installation. As an admin I only provide support for our journals. The two JM in this journal have all roles and are the editorial team.

archives-admin-zens archives-user-1 archives-user-2

Problem is solved. Related links:

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