Article Production


We have started accepting articles for publication in our journal. We have little knowledge in article production (PDF, HTML, etc…). I started to look for some services but the fees are ridiculously high (e.g. $50 per page).
Can any recommend a reasonably-priced article production service provider?


We have given such a service only to the journals that we have installed. But we can also think about it for you.

The only service I know well enough to recommend is this one:

I worked with them and they deliver with an excellent quality and work with very cheep prices.
They work over XML-JATS to automatize the PDF, HTML and ePub generation.
Web is in Spanish but they talk a perfect English.

Those ones also do the job, but I only know from them what is published in the web:

Hi @Afedu

If you are looking for copyediting, typesetting and file deliveries (PDF, HTML, XML) you can contact any professional typesetter. The cost per page will not be USD 50/page as long as you are willing to send proofs between the author and typesetter yourself. USD 50/page is likely the price for full production editor/project management services.

With a smaller budget you can still get professional copyediting, typesetting and file deliveries for a very reasonable price. I can recommend ePage Imaging ( as well as Datapage (, but there are also many other service providers out there if you look around. If you ask them for a quote for standalone copyediting/typesetting/file deliveries I am certain it will be far less than USD 50/page.

Best wishes, Emma