AMP for OxS tools?

Hi all,

Wondering if somebody started or is thinking in a generic AMP theme for OJS.

If not, looks like a nice subject for a sprint.


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Two years later - I think this is interesting! I don’t have the know-how to contribute meaningfully but I’m curious nevertheless. It seems like AMP might be merited but there is also debate on its openness which is very relevant to PKP’s projects

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AMP isn’t a good fit for the scholarly publishing community or advocates of open, distributed infrastructure such as PKP. AMP was created in collaboration with large news organisations, who realized that their ad tech was such a huge performance issue that it was making the web unusable. AMP provides a faster framework for news organisations who need to get into the top bit of the Google News searches.

Our reader-facing frontend UIs are pretty light, and wouldn’t benefit much from the limitations that AMP imposes. In my view, the trade-offs for the open web and privacy are not worth it.

That said, however, if the community was interested in AMP support it would probably require a generic plugin, not a theme plugin. That’s because AMP runs on URL extensions, so the plugin would need to add support for AMP URLs on any pages (like the article landing page) where this was necessary.


I totally agree with Nate… and I recognize that I’m a bit embarrassed to make the proposal without thinking in all this in first time because it’s obvious it’s a bad idea. :sleepy:

For once, I was seduced by the technology and I didn’t stop to think in the social/political/practical implications.

Sorry for the noise.

Thanks Nate for the thoughts. That’s it exactly. And Marc, I think it’s great to think these things through rather than not bring it up at all.