ALT Metrics DNS error

An editor just pointed out an image is not loading on the Metrics e.g. Federalism as an Instrument for Unity and the Protection of Minorities: A Comparative Overview: Ethiopia, India and the US | Mizan Law Review.

The image url returns a DNS error.

Hi there,

Apologies for the delay in our response. We have recently retired the ALM service. It was an experimental service, and will not be revived in its current form. I would recommend that you disable the plugin that displays that broken image.

OJS 3 can display usage statistics without requiring an additional plugin or service - see this blog post on the subject. We don’t expect that this functionality will be back-ported to OJS 2, and we will continue to improve the metrics and display options in OJS 3, and so I would recommend upgrading if that is an option for you.