Allow HTML (with tinymce) in Submission notes


Today tinymce is not enabled with the textarea for a note (in submission editorial history)
We can already entry some html (with tag allowed in but by default, formatted texts lose their line breaks.
We use mainly this functionality to copy/paste mails received from users who don’t want to use OJS ( :frowning: ) and because mails are formatted text, we lose line breaks.

So, what do you think about enable tinymce on Notes ? (like in Reviewer Notes)
Or, if you have a better idea to manage these external mails, I’m open :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

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Hi @kara28,

You can enable the TinyMCE extras plugin for some fields within OJS, however, TinyMCE has been disabled in a number of fields (for a detailed explanation of this, see this post here: Adding images to announcements in OJS 3.3 - Tiny MCE - #3) However, I have flagged this is a “feature request” and our developers may weigh in as to whether or not this could be feasible to implement in the future - or others may wish to weigh in if they’ve found suitable workarounds for this.

PKP Team

Thank you

I think this is the minor modification that I need to apply in order to have tinyMCE enable on the field

--- a/templates/controllers/informationCenter/newNoteForm.tpl
+++ b/templates/controllers/informationCenter/newNoteForm.tpl
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
        <form class="pkp_form" id="newNoteForm" action="{url router=$smarty.const.ROUTE_COMPONENT op="saveNote" params=$linkParams}" method="post">
                {fbvFormSection title="informationCenter.addNote" for="newNote"}
-                       {fbvElement type="textarea" id="newNote"}
+                       {fbvElement type="textarea" id="newNote" rich=true}
                {fbvFormButtons hideCancel=true submitText=$submitNoteText}