Allow authors to self-select their review type (blind, open, double bling)

Our journal represents various perspectives and roles. We accept both research-oriented and practice-oriented submissions and have members who have different preferences with regards to double-blind vs. open reviews. We would like to allow our authors to self-select the review type. We would publish the selected review type on their paper. Unfortunately, it appears that OJS only allows a journal to select ONE type of review for all submissions. This is problematic for us and would like to request a default and the ability to change it on a submission-by-submission basis.



Hi @virvine
Currently, the journal editor can select/change the review type during reviewer assignment as as you can see in the picture. But as far as I know, there is no option for the author to select the review type. Perhaps you may prepare an email template, and before sending the submission to review stage, may ask the author which review type he/she would prefer.

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Thanks! Might put it into the submission process/cover letter to indicate alternative review processes. We’d have to publish the review type used with each paper, too, I think. Or perhaps only if review type is different than what the journal says? Will have to think that through but our community is not in agreement with what review type, so perhaps it makes sense to let them choose!

Yes, the review type can be selected on a per-reviewer basis which means more flexibility but a little bit more manual work.

I think in the long term we’d like to publish, alongside each article, information on the editorial process such as how many and what types of reviews were undertaken. However, I don’t think that this will be available in the near future.

In the meantime, I think your best option is to consider developing a custom theme that would fetch and display this information on the article landing page. If you don’t have technical resources to call on for this, it might be a good candidate for sponsored development.