Allow all editors to leave or mute discussions

Describe the problem you would like to solve
Sometimes an editor wants to leave a discussion when they are not involved. Journal Managers can leave a discussion but Section Editors can not.

Describe the solution you’d like
Section Editors should be able to leave or mute a discussion. When they leave a discussion, they’ll no longer be assigned and won’t be able to access the discussion. When they mute a discussion, they remain participants but no longer receive email or in-app notifications about that discussion.

Journal Managers should be able to mute a discussion too.

Who is asking for this feature?
Some use cases to consider:

  • As an editor
    I want to create a discussion between a layout editor and the author
    so that they can resolve an issue without my involvement.

  • As an editor
    I want to leave a discussion that I have handed off to a subeditor
    so that I can manage the editorial workflow indirectly without seeing every detail.

  • As an editor
    I want to mute a discussion that has sidetracked into a topic that isn’t relevant to me
    so that I can still be keep an eye on things without the discussion crowding out more important items in my notifications list.

  • As an editor
    I want to see discussions that I have muted
    so that I can check back occasionally in case I’ve missed something important.

Additional information
In OMP, this feature would be available to Press Managers and Series Editors. In OPS, this feature would be available to Moderators.

This feature request was moved from a GitHub issue.