All editors view unassigned submissions

Good day

we have recently set up a few journals on OJS

Is there a way to allow all the editors to access/view new/unassigned submissions - i.e. the sectionand guest editors?

Currently only the ‘journal editor’ role can see them (and journal manager) but both these roles have access to a lot more than what a typical editor needs.

Is there a way to allow section/guest editors to access the unassigned articles?


Hi @Claudia2,

Hmm… I don’t think so, not without assigning them the journal manager or editor role (which I’m not sure you would want to do). But if anybody else has found a way to do this, I’d be curious to know.

PKP Team


I think it is possible from Setting > Jurnal > Section. Setting allows to specify which Section editor (role) assign automatically on specific jurnal’s Sections (case report, literature review, original research).



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