Advice on using OJS for editorial workflow only?

We’d like to use OJS on a sub domain to manage our workflow and then publish on wordpress. Are there any technical reasons not to do this? Capabilities or benefits we’ll be loosing?

Related question is that most of our work happens in Google workspace - is there anyway to sync or otherwise make those connections easier?

Hi @MacKenzie_Rawcliffe,

If you were to just use OJS’ editorial workflow and publish on wordpress, one thing that stands out to me is that you would be missing out on some of the discoverability things such as how OJS works with indexing with Google Scholar / other services. Additionally, the cohesiveness of having your editorial workflow and published output in just one site, rather than having to manage two separate systems. OJS is purpose-built for journals, whereas Wordpress (while no doubt a very capable content management system, with a lot of functionality), is not. We’ve had several folks ask about Wordpress and OJS integration before (which isn’t really feasible). This post (from here: Using Wordpress and OJS together! - #8 by israel.cefrin) from my colleague summarizes it nicely:

As others have said, the short answer to your question is: not really. You can use OJS 3 for the editorial workflow and then manually publish the final product on a WordPress site. But you’ll lose the benefits of scholarly discovery that are part of OJS 3 (XML harvesting, Google Scholar metatags).It would be possible to build a OJS3/WP integration that solved these problems, but it would take a significant amount of technical work to make it happen. If you have the resources for custom development work, you’ll probably find it cheaper and more reliable to hire a developer to build a custom theme for OJS 3.Custom themes like those mentioned above are already out there. There’s also the Manuscript theme. And more themes are in development. We hope by this time next year to have half-a-dozen themes available.We’ll never have anything like WordPress’s large and competitive commercial theme market. But we hope to expand the available options considerably beyond the default theme.

PKP Team