Adding Submission, strange message OJS 3.1.0-1

Hmm… could it be that that submission was (first) in English (and the translations for en_US are in the DB user_group_settings)?

This is how it looks like in database

Yes, the English entries/translations are there.
And is the locale for the submission with ID 1629 en_US?

It is default English locale for that submission i.e. en_US.

So that explains, why that file name is correct :slight_smile:

OK. It was mistakenly put as English and later changed to Serbian, but in the system/OJS it was not changed to Serbian. That is what I emphasized in my first posts.
I think that issue is that locale switching is not fully completed.

Ah, OK. I will test…

I upgraded OJS 3.1.0-1 on local machine to OJS 3.1.1 and I still have the same way of displaying submission name as on image below:

Hi @vvucic

Yes, I think they cannot be changed automatically anymore – they are saved so in the DB table submission_file_settings…


I wanted to provide a script that you could use to update the untranslated keys in the DB table user_group_settings, so that the future file names can have the correct/existing translations… to change the old file names would be (more) difficult. Do you have many of them? – If not, maybe to rename them manually, or with a SQL…

I woudl suggest if possible to have SQL statement or so because I maintain several installations. It would be difficult to manually to change all of that.

Hi @vvucic

I would suggest to:

  1. First see how many files contain and what untranslated keys, e.g. with:
    SELECT * FROM submission_file_settings WHERE setting_value LIKE '%##%'
  2. Then note for yourself the translations of those keys for those locales, e.g. in sr_RS@latin = Autor
  3. Use SQLs to replace those untranslated keys in file names, something like this:
    UPDATE submission_file_settings SET setting_value = REPLACE(setting_value, '', 'Autor') WHERE setting_name = 'name' AND locale = 'sr_RS@latin'
    Where you would change the key (, translation (Autor) and locale (sr_RS@latin) appropriately and till you catch/consider them all from 1) above.


After issuing first query
SELECT * FROM submission_file_settings WHERE setting_value LIKE ‘%##%’
I have got the following result as on image below:
Please note that this is on OJS 3.1.1
When I have done the same query on the OJS 3.1.0-1 (the same journal but on OJS with version 3.1.0-1 I have got output as on image below:

I have found out three strings that need translation:

  2. ##common.file.namingPattern##
  3. ##common.file.anonymousNamingPattern##

Please advise how to translate them.

Thanks in advance

Hi @vvucic

Ah, that is strange that those common.file… keys are/could not be translated in en_US…
They are also not so easy to change, with a SQL… :stuck_out_tongue:
What was the first OJS 3.x version that that journal used? Did it migrate from OJS 2.4.x?

I’ll see what can be done for those untranslated common.file… keys in the file names.
For See for which locales they exist in that submission_files_settings table, then get the translations manually from those language XML files, and finally use that update SQL query from above, with you lacale and translations values.

Note: do a backup before…



Yes, it did migrate from OJS I do not care much for those key messages for previous issues that are already published. I am concerned with contexts in which they can pop up again as it is
Switching between locales of submission during the submission process is possible source of issue.