Add whole groups like section editors as discussion participants OJS 3.0.2


This is a @NateWr kind of thing.

Some of our journals like to have several editors working with submissions. The new discussion feature in OJS3 is of course a great way to communicate between the editors/section editors but starting a new discussion means that you have to add every participant one by one.

What would you think if besides the “Add user” button there would be a “Add group” button, which would add for example all assigned section editors as participants to the discussion? This would save a lot of clicks.

We have an outstanding issue to improve the recipient selection process for discussions, which came out of our user testing process:

I’m open to discussing improvements further, but I am hesitant to add in additional controls for features which only serve a minority of use-cases. I’d hope to see more demand for such features before we invest time in them, so adding your request into that issue is a good way to signal your interest.

Thanks, I added the request there.

The original issue mentioned has come up as well. Or I have been contacted a few times concerning a situation where the author is not seeing the discussion. In all cases the editor has not added the author as a recipient.

How about chancing the UI so that all the participants are listed with checkboxes in front of the names?

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