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How do I add a second person as a systems administrator?

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Hi @ksorbo

This is not possible via GUI, only through a manual insertion in the DB. What application and what version are you using?


Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am using OJS version

I am guessing I need to insert an entry in the user_user_groups table?

Hi @ksorbo,

Yes. I assume that the admin group has the ID = 1 and lets say the other user, that should get the admin right has the ID = 10, so you will have to insert a row in the user_user_groups with user_group_id = 1 and user_id = 10.


Thanks for your prompt assistance!!

In OJS 2, adding a new site administrator was done by making a role for the person in the roles table.

So all admins had an entry in the roles table where
user_id = the site administrator’s user id no.
journal_id = 0
role_id = 1

Is this still true?

To add an additional site administrator in OJS 3, does there need to be added an entry like that in the roles table with journal_id=0 and role_id=1?

Hi @randtke,

See: Changing a site administrator - #6 by asmecher

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team