Add Kurdish Language in the system




We are some universities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq using this system for our journals. But, we have a problem. The system is not included Kurdish Language. So, I need support to add Kurdish language and I will take the responsibility to fully translate the website into Kurdish. It is the link of one of our journals;

Thanks in advance,
Hewa S. Khalid
JHSS/ Koya University


Hi @Hewa

Yes, it’s possible to add a translation. Have you already read guidelines on this topic? They are outdated but still useful:
Let me know if you are planning to make a contribution.


Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I am ready to work hard for it and take the responsibility for Kurdish language. But, I need someone to direct me step by step. So, I would be very thankful if you do that.



Have you got familiar yourself with the link that I’ve provided? localized files are represented as XML’s and have specific tags inside. Most of them are situated either inside locale and pkp/lib/locale folders starting from a web root, e.g.:
So, the process is actually just copy those files into a new locale and replacing translation inside tags.

But I’m not sure if you need to make special steps to add a new language. Tagging @mtub as he knows better.