Add field "electronic article number" and include in CrossRef metadata exports and deposits

The problem to solve:
Our journal no longer assigns page numbers to individual articles in our online-only annual volume. Instead, each article receives an “electronic article number”. In the PDF, page numbers are “1 of 20”, as an example, and are not for citation purposes.

There is currently no metadata field in OJS for such article numbers; only page numbers. CrossRef has a metadata field for such article numbers, but there is currently no way to deposit them from OJS. And the Cite As plugin does not accommodate article numbers.

Thus, metadata deposited to CrossRef is incomplete and would need to be corrected manually after each article deposit. The Cite as plugin is unable to provide an accurate citation for journals using e-numbers instead of page numbers. The article pages are coded with incomplete metadata.


  1. Add a new “Electronic article number” field (or whatever the proper name should be) in the Publication tab for each article in OJS. Next to/underneath the current “Pages” field in the same tab.
  2. When available, include this field in the DOI deposit to CrossRef.
  3. When available, include this field in the Cite As plugin.

Requested by:
Journal Editor & Manager.