Add custom locale date/time formats in OxS

Hello all,

Date/time configuration should be based on localization standards, not “harcoded” on one single configuration.
For example, in English, dates are reversed YYYY-MM-DD, while in Brazil we have DD/MM/YYYY.
However, if it’s a multilingual journal, dates can ge mixed up or confuse someone using the system in another language.

Is it possible to add this sort of flexibility in OxS, and maybe other configuration items that can only be configured in one ? Maybe a multiple kind of idea?

Hi @ramon,

There’s nothing like that built in yet – but I wonder whether the best place to attach this would be the journal, or would it be the user account? Woudn’t relevant date standards more depend on who was viewing them than where the journal lived?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Language settings can help, as a viewer from India may read the journal in English as it doesn’t have an Indian locale installed, but you’re right in that the user’s language and location really define this.

Has there been any development on this issue? I would really like if I could have DD-MM-YY in the date column in editor’s view when looking at the list of submissions.

Hi @Volberg,

You can customize the date format site-wide by editing your configuration file.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team