Add a log for admins to track unwanted actions like edits to users and issues


We have problems with user registration in the journals.
We have a lot of journals and a lot of persons too.
Sometimes someone just giving permission manager or editor manager for those who should not and we are unable to identify who do that.
It would be nice if we have an activity log of users activities, not a complete log, but more dangerous activities such as registering people or delete them, delete an issue or delete files.


Tarcisio Pereira


At the institution where I work, we have an OJS3 with many hosted journals.
A managing editor of a journal complained that two submissions has disappeared … I couldn’t find what happened in the logs … It would be great to have this feature …


Gessy Junior

Yes, this would be good to have. We have pretty good logging of activity at the submission level, but not much at the journal level and when a submission is deleted there is no record of that activity.

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Hi @asmecher
is there any probability that this feature will be developed?

Thanks a lot!

There are no plans to work on this at this time, only because other tasks are a higher priority.